totally blessed

As you all know we spend a lot of time at the store – PB worst ! for spends a lot more hours in the store than I.  But during the weekends when Chloe is at her Grammie’s I get to stay in the store till it closes at 9pm – sometimes even later.  After closing up the store – we head home – long hours with no one at home.  This year we are very blessed – business at the store had been really steady and we have a friend who introduced us to the home automation software for our home – so that we can monitor our home even if we were at work.  And knowing how paranoid I am – PB decided to invest in this software.   I’m a very happy gal now – coz’ I can heat up the home before we go back from the store – real time video that I can watch from the store.  No worries about breaking in – and even if we went on vacation – I don’t have to worry no more nor do I need to get a friend to go by the house everyday.   I’m so blessed!

PS :  I bought my So Blessed coffee cup from downtown – for my birthday!  you like it?

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