There are some eateries that you can go again and again – without feeling tired of the food because they have such a wide range to choose from – from their menu and Peg’s family restaurant at downtown Yarmouth is one of them.  A few weeks ago, I tried their italian sausage with pasta – and it did not disappoint.  I was expecting a whole sausage – but the cut up sausages weren’t bad at all.  In fact I do like the bite size sausage better.  The pasta was sun dried tomato pasta and look at the broccoli – they were really freshed and cooked just right – not limpy.


Of course it came with a soup first and I had coffee, chloe had her usual fish and chips and PB had his chicken cordon bleu.  I’m the only one who is determined to eat everything in the menu.  But thus far – all their food has been pretty good.   The service was great – and we went there just in time before the crowd came in.   There were several tables that Sunday – but the waitress came back often to check if we needed anything else – which was definitely a nice touch.   The pasta was about $12.95 – pretty good price for so much food – and coffee was really cheap too.  So if you are in downtown Yarmouth, Nova Scotia – head over to Peg’s family restaurant – that serves good food at a decent price.

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