A few weeks ago, we had gone to the local Farmer’s Market at Beacon Church to see if they had anything new – as you all know I love the Farmer’s Market and for someone who loved food as much as I do – I loved trying all sorts of goodies.  I came across this table where this two gentlemen were explaining about the lavender baking sugar to a lady – and in the end the lady replied that she doesn’t do much baking *slap forehead* – what a disappointment eh.  But the guys were nice – they just continued smiling and I had wanted to stop and chat with them – but it was impossible – because Chloe was tugging on my jeans already *sigh*.


I quickly checked out the lavender jelly (jam) but alas – the sugar content was pretty high – so I didn’t even dare try it – I should have !  There were the lavender syrup too – for making drinks or cocktails and lavender pepper made outta lavender floret – ground black peppercorns and citrus peels.  They had told me that they used it on everything they cooked.  I had to get a small bottle of course.  The small bottle of lavender pepper wasn’t cheap – it was $7.99 but worth every penny for sure!  it was yummy!  I tried it with my food and things I cooked with.


This is the lavender jelly – slightly behind the plate were the lavender pepper.  Unfortunately, they don’t ship outta Canada – else I can send some to everyone.   The two gentlemen were Gordon Tingley and Martin Mcgurk and they own Sledding Hill Farm and they produces high quality and uncommon foods – I hope to be able to catch up a little more with them during the summer – at the Farmer’s Market and maybe get an interview with them – so stay tuned.

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  1. suzanne

    What a beautiful looking table! I can certainly vouch for the lavender jelly! And don’t even get me started about how good the simple syrup is… I use it often in salad dressing. It adds a subtle, hard-to-put-your-finger-on flavor to oil and vinegar dressings. Kudos Gordon and Martin.

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