I do loved pasta a lot – before coming to Canada – but since coming to Canada – I don’t eat it as much as I would like – for both PB and Chloe doesn’t like pasta as much as I do.  But a month or so ago – my favorite restaurant – The Peg’s Family restaurant had this red pasta that I fell in loved with – so I sought it out at the local grocery store and found it.  It’s actually the sun dried tomato & basil pasta and it was really delicious – one can taste the basil quite strongly inside the pasta – so for those who doesn’t like basil – this is not for you.


This is how the box of sun dried tomato & pasta look.


After cooking it for 8 minutes since I liked it el dente – this is how it looks.


I cooked them with my usual chicken and mushrooms – lots of mushrooms – but the next time I’ve going to cook this with seafood – since both PB and chloe didn’t want much to do with my pasta – rather sad eh?  Oh well – more for me.


  1. shirleyloo

    looks yummy!! I love basil so much i can eat it everyday 😉 cant wait for ur pasta with seafood next time …

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