Honey Citron Tea

Guess what I bought home from my trip to the city last week ?  Yes! this Korean drink that I had wanted for a long, long time!  I saw it – and had to grab it but alas – I should have bought 2 and not one – they were so yummy!!! but i can … [Read more…]

Grass Jelly Drink

When we were up in the city  – I saw this canned drink of Grass Jelly aka Ching Chou – I’m sure the Asians know what it is – but of course – PB didn’t know.  I haven’t had the grass jelly drink for 11 years to – date – holy moly right? While it’s … [Read more…]

Winter Melon Soup

While winter melon is common to everyone back home and even in most part of Canada and USA – I lived in a town that doesn’t have winter melon, so the only time I get to drink winter melon soup is when I get to Halifax and buy some home.  This trip to Halifax – … [Read more…]

My $3 Lunch

I had ordered some plain beehoon in soup and veggies and shrimp and a tiny weeny bit of cantonese pork for lunch – just a tiny bit i asked the chinese restaurant.  I went to pick up the food – and they charged me only $3 – and I said – nah – it cannot … [Read more…]

Beet Greens

I don’t know if you have eaten beet greens before – but the pot that grampie is holding are beet greens and they are awesome and taste like Sai Yong Choi (from home) And you all know that I can’t get Sai Yong Choi here very often – so it was great to eat beet … [Read more…]

Fresh Fish From Grampie

Chloe’s grampie loves fishing and I loved fresh fish!  give me fresh fish anytime – these are just caught – and gotta be fresh right?  unfortunately, this time I didn’t get to eat it – but I was tempted to ask Grampie to fry it so that I can eat them – but I had … [Read more…]