I don’t know if you have eaten beet greens before – but the pot that grampie is holding are beet greens and they are awesome and taste like Sai Yong Choi (from home) And you all know that I can’t get Sai Yong Choi here very often – so it was great to eat beet greens.  These beet greens are grown in Grampie’s green house – where he grows my Baby Bok Choy too  – the green house was HOT!  there is a stove put in to keep the greenhouse warm in the winter.  Yes! grampie loves gardening and growing stuff – I don’t think he can grow lotus roots here if I am not wrong – or did he say he can’t find the stuff to grow it?  can’t remember now – but Sai Yong Choy and lotus roots are my favorite besides baby bok choy.  These days I eat a lot of broccoli because they are cheap and easy to get in the supermarket here.  They don’t call them Supermarket here – they call it the grocery stores.  I missed my Tong Gwa but Wong Kwa (cucumber) grampie has a lot of those and Grampie knows how to say cucumber in Chinese too.

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  1. Margo

    You’re so lucky to have a FIL who grows your veges for you. Very envious! 🙂

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