This year’s Mother’s Day must be one of my best – because this little girl who warms my heart everyday and who is the JOY of my life – woke me up not only with kisses but several Mother’s Day gift and agreed to have breakfast at Jungle Jim’s with me instead of Mcdonald’s.   I’m sure everyone of you celebrated Mother’s day in your own special way – and this year – all of us are healthy – Chloe is growing like a bad weed and she is doing well in school.  She has her grandparents and uncle who loves her and spends time with  her – a lot more this year and of course PB loves her to bits even though he grouch at her often enough.


We went to jungle jim’s for breakfast – I had wanted to go to Peg’s but Chloe wanted Mcdonald’s so we came to a compromise and bought a hash brown from Old Mcdonald’s (that’s what chloe calls Mickey D)  and then settled in at Jungle Jim’s for breakfast.  Of course, I didn’t finished all of the above lah – hahhahaha!!!  i had forgotten they were huge breakfast – ate a piece of toast, some eggs, a piece of sausage and shared the bacon with chloe and PB.


Chloe and PB shared a fluffy pancake with syrup – she ate almost all of it.  A year ago – she refused to eat any pancakes – now – she is able to wolf it down – makes me so happy.


And here chloe drawing a space ship.  I had a great Mother’s Day this year and I hope all of you did.   And being a mother is the greatest JOY I’ve ever experienced – and I know all mothers out there can understand what I am saying.   And here I wish all mothers around the world – many, many more Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. I can feel your heart is filled with love and joy through the lines 🙂 Happy Mother’s day again Jan! 🙂

  2. Margo

    I love being a mother and feel that that’s my biggest achievement in life and am very proud of the young men my sons have grown to be. I’m sure all mothers feel the same…….JOY! 🙂

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