When we were up in the city  – I saw this canned drink of Grass Jelly aka Ching Chou – I’m sure the Asians know what it is – but of course – PB didn’t know.  I haven’t had the grass jelly drink for 11 years to – date – holy moly right? While it’s a common sight in markets and even in night markets – it’s definitely unknown here.  Grass jelly is known to have a cooling effect on the body and is said not to be drank by pregnant woman because it’s too cold for the belly.  But we all know the sugar content is so high – but what the heck – we’ve gotta lived a bit right?  so i bought a can of it – and yummy it was but darn sweet lor!   I think for now – my craving is satisfied – so it would be a long time before I will have some more grass jelly drink.

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  1. Margo

    I usually buy a can of just grass jelly and make the sugar syrup myself and then make up a whole pitcher full of ‘chin chow’ drink…..just exactly like the hawker stand. Happen to have a can in my pantry now so might just have to make up a pitcher. It’s been so hot here, it’ll be the perfect cooling drink 🙂

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