Different strokes for different people like they say – for some people they get the best creatine supplement for their muscle food while PB – gets the above for his muscle food.  He eats chocolates, candies and junk food and his blood sugar is better than mine – and he eats sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner and his supper – but when it comes to muscle food – he eats cakes and brownies and anything chocolatey and sweet.


This was found in our local grocery store – something new and very creative indeed –  I know I wouldn’t be eating it – but wouldn’t this be fun for the kids at Chloe’s school?  PB said sure – slap on pounds and some muscles for the kids – hahah!  funny!


I’m pretty sure that the body builders don’t eat this for muscle food – but other supplements – but if PB said that this is his muscle food – who am I to argue right?  so lucky or what???!!!???  can eat all the sugar and his blood sugar is still so good!!!  Jealous totally!

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