250 Commemorative Rum

So we had the  250 Commemorative Rum delivered to the store sometime last month and yes ! i’m such a slacker.  We had bought a bottle of it in support of the town’s 250 yrs anniversary for Grampie and we’ve delivered it to him.  He hasn’t opened it yet – because he thought it was … [Read more…]

Pure Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice anyone?  not the ones with sugar at it – but pure – that you need to dilute it in water to drink.  We all know that a cup of cranberry juice is good for the body because they said it can prevent UTI.  I have been drinking this cranberry juice for years now … [Read more…]

Summer Fresh Salad

Summer fresh pasta Cesar salad is currently one of my favorite kind of salad – it’s rich – you can have it by itself – with just a little meat or you can have it as a side.   This box of salad can be bought at M & M’s meat market or now you can buy … [Read more…]

Making Money From Home

I’ve received many emails every week from people who wants to know all about my adventure – making money from home and online.  Most people want to know if it is true that one can make money just sitting at home or anywhere – as long as you’ve a computer and wifi/internet access.  Is it … [Read more…]

BBQ @ Work

We spend so much time at the store and the only way for us to BBQ was to have a portable one at the store – plus I think it’s always nice to offer a hot dog to the customers – so that we can get to know them better and to thank them for … [Read more…]