So we had the  250 Commemorative Rum delivered to the store sometime last month and yes ! i’m such a slacker.  We had bought a bottle of it in support of the town’s 250 yrs anniversary for Grampie and we’ve delivered it to him.  He hasn’t opened it yet – because he thought it was too expensive to drink – hahahha!!  yes! this bottle of rum is more expensive than the usual rum that he would have gotten – but it was a nice gesture to get it for Grampie since he had been buying so many books for Chloe.  I’m glad we bought the first batch of rum that were sold – because they are only producing 250 bottles and they were selling so well – that they needed to use a barcode scanner when they first came out for sale.  Everyone was rushing to buy the rum and I’ve yet to go get the commemorative coins from the bank – I hear those are selling like hot cakes too.


A closed up on the bottle of rum that we had paid $70 for – i think but it’s worth it as we are supporting the town in our own little way.

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