Sorry ! this is a back-dated post – that happened last month – to be exact – but then my real birthday was in April and we only got to celebrate it in June – because in April – both Chloe and I didn’t feel good to go to the city – so we had to postpone our trip.  But we finally did make it up to the city in June and one of the meal we had was a dim sum meal at the Great Wall Restaurant – right in town.  We had been meaning to come here for the longest time – but we keep going to the one in Bedford thinking that it is the same restaurant.   Now you must all be wondering what else PB got for me for a birthday present right?  a diamond bracelet , maybe?  or a Louis Vuitton handbag?  so what do you think ?  did i get a diamond bracelet?


The outside of the restaurant looks like your typical Chinese restaurant in Canada – but the inside is uniquely furnished and it felt like I had gone to Chinatown in Toronto – but of course – the one in Toronto is a lot more vibrant.


The Great Wall is located in downtown Halifax – off Sackville Street.


I had some Har Gow – and as you can see – the prawns were real prawns and not shrimps.


I also ordered some glutinous rice with chicken in them – they were yummy!


Chloe and PB had shanghai noodles – but they came pretty spicy for them – and we had to get another plate with no spice.  But the restaurant was very gracious and didn’t charge us for it.


Chloe enjoying her noodles


I also ordered some congee – but the next time – I have to remember only to order the one with century eggs and no pork.


We also had some fried squids because they came highly recommended but they were ok – but I won’t order it again because you need to eat it really hot – else it becomes too soggy with oil.  Overall, food was really good – in fact the best I’ve tasted in Canada – as far as dim sum is concerned.   Now come the big surprised – did you forget about it already?  about what PB got me for my birthday?


It wasn’t a diamond bracelet – but close enough – a diamond ring – an eternity ring that I had been eyeing on for a long time – so he did listen eh – hahhaha!!  maybe the next time – he would get me a diamond bracelet?  one can always hope eh?  now if it wasn’t because of car problems we had when we were in the city – it would have been a perfect trip.


  1. Margaret

    Very belated birthday wishes. The dimsum dishes looks very similar to what we get in New Zealand. The ring looks GORGEOUS and you must be thrilled!

  2. simie

    Happy belated belated birthday, MB! My birthday was in April too! The ring is lovely, you’re a lucky lady!

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