Brown bagging for lunch is the best – and when you already have soup and rice cooked from the night before – it’s even better.  Not only is it healthier to eat home cooked food – it’s definitely a lot yummier.   Rice with beef curry and winter melon soup – slow cooked for 4 hrs.  Cannot ask for a better lunch I’ll have to say – I do try to eat home cook food at least once a day – but for Chloe – she eats them twice a day.  PB and I send her to school first and go home and cook for her and then bring her lunch to school for her and then when she gets out of school – we go home and cook for her again.  I try my darnedest to cook different food everyday for her and it’s no easy feat I tell you  – but like all mothers out there – you and I know that we do our best for our kids no matter what.  What did you make for your kids today?


  1. simie

    You’re a truly caring and loving mom indeed. Us mums always have the interest of our love ones at heart at all times regardless of the circumstances. Chloe is such a lucky child to have you as her mum!

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