So it was Father’s Day yesterday !  did you all had a good time?  here’s wishing all great dads a very happy but belated Father’s day!   We had a BBQ instead of our usual KFC for Father’s day because I had asked Grampie if he wanted KFC or a BBQ and he chose BBQ.  I bet it was because he knew that i loved BBQs.  While we enjoyed it tremendously – i doubt I can say that much for PB who would rather be playing on his xbox 360 console holding his xbox 360 controller without me or Chloe around – so that he can play all day – without disturbance  – hahah!!  now that would have been a treat for him for Father’s day.


We had gone to Emin’s meat market down on the south side of town to get more chicken wings and some Solvaski pork steak.   They were yummy and we had maple sausages and honey garlic ones and of course some hot dogs – after all, what is a bbq without any hot dogs right?


We also went by the beach for Chloe to pick some pebbles and stones to bring home for her rock collection.  Chloe and PB had an ice cream from Dayton on the way home and that was it for the day.  So how did you celebrate Father’s day!

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  1. simie

    MB, we celebrate Father’s Day in September in my nick of the woods. So nice to read about how you and Chloe celebrated Father’s Day. Lovely photos and it looked like a yummy bbq too! A great day all in for PB no doubt even though he didn’t get to play all day on his console games~

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