I can’t believed that I only bought one of these when I was up in Halifax – what was I thinking *slap forehead* – they were yummy and so easy to heat up.  You can use the microwave or the steamer – but I prefer the steamer – coz’ it’s so much more juicier.


For those who don’t know what this is – this is glutinous rice dumpling – that we are used to eating back home – you can have it for breakfast – you can have it for snacks – you can have it for supper.  It doesn’t taste like rice – it’s a kind of sticky rice – very high cholesterol but so yummy!  If you can’t have the real thing – you have this.

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  1. Jerry

    We have these in our local asian supermarket and they taste so much like the real thing. Dim-sum on your table without leaving the house.

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