I’ve received many emails every week from people who wants to know all about my adventure – making money from home and online.  Most people want to know if it is true that one can make money just sitting at home or anywhere – as long as you’ve a computer and wifi/internet access.  Is it a scam ?  do you need to pay an upfront fee to join some club or forum or company?  And yes – all these are legit questions and for those who are interested – you should ask these questions and more.

So what is the secrets of making money from home and online – you asked ?  There is no easy way to explain how one can make money from home and online because it’s a learning experience even for me who have been doing this for almost 4 years now.  But yes! you can make money from home and online – and no it is not a scam (if you know what you are doing) and how much time you need to spend on your blogs and online – very much depends on what you want to do with your blogs and how much money you want to make.  BUT !  I want everyone to know – that this is not a get rich scheme within 7 days – what I’m doing consists a lot of hard work /networking and writing and in some cases negotiating.

Many people asked how much I make working from home/online – lets just say – enough to cover groceries for my entire family and buy whatever I want for pleasure and also save some for rainy days. Most importantly, I get to meet all sorts of good people from my online work and some become life -long friends.  And yes I did play mentor to a lot of new bloggers but at this point of my life – I’m too busy to do it – but do watch out for a book on how I embarked in my journey of working online and making it work for me and how much working from home/online made me a better person and a self -sufficient one.  If you enjoy writing – and sharing what you loved most about life – then you already half way to success.   Good luck to everyone !  do leave a comment – if you need help – and I’m sure I will answer whenever I can.


  1. karen

    Im sooo happy to have read this entry. Ive been thinking alot about creating my own blog and although i agree that its not gunna make me rich, but purely for reasons such as having fun, meeting new people and i guess a little bit of spending money never hurts anyone.

    Im slightly confused as to where to start. If you can point me to some sites or valuable information that would be awesome. 😀 I know you don’t really wanna tutor or guide another newbie… so i def. dont wanna tie you up. But i certainly agree, making a fun awesome blog can bring in some side money and best of all bring people together. 😀

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