Cranberry juice anyone?  not the ones with sugar at it – but pure – that you need to dilute it in water to drink.  We all know that a cup of cranberry juice is good for the body because they said it can prevent UTI.  I have been drinking this cranberry juice for years now – and Terra Beata has a new packaging recently – i do like it – it’s a lot more easier on the eyes.  Terra Beata is a cranberry farm in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – and even though they are not cheap – it’s worth every penny because diabetic like myself – do not want any sugar in our food or drinks.

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  1. simie

    I love craneberry juice; in fact I love all kinds of fruit juices. They’re so good for you! All the anti-oxidants in these berries are so vital to a healthy body so keep it up, MB!

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