Fruit Kebabs

When you have a kid that rush out to play with her friends as soon as she is done eating her dinner/supper – what do you do?  make fruit kebabs and invite her friends to have one too   Yes !  summer is here and all chloe wants is to play with her friends and … [Read more…]

Donair Eggrolls

I’ve never had Donair eggrolls even though I had been in Canada for closed to 11 years.  So when Greco’s advertised that they had Donair eggrolls “new”  I had to try it.  Like any food blogger – we just loved trying new food – right?   So happily I ordered 2 donair egg rolls with … [Read more…]

Ginger For Sushi

I’ve actually bought this a long time ago – but when I first brought this home – the ginger wasn’t so ripe yet – I don’t like young ginger. So I let it sit for a while – like a few months – and today I opened it to eat them with my baked salmon. … [Read more…]

Ribs Anyone?

You’ve gotta love a restaurant that served such big portion of food for very reasonable price right – well – we love Peg’s because of this very reason.  The staff are friendly and the restaurant is very nice – with great ambiance and food is great too  – what else can you ask for right?  Anyhow … [Read more…]

Ma Po Tofu

I love ma po tofu – because it’s not only healthy – it’s also very easy to cook – but alas – I didn’t have the time – so the dear Zhu’s made some for me last week – and I loved it so much and ordered it again.  New Century restaurant – has the … [Read more…]

Thai Take Out

When you can have the real thing – you go for whatever is the closest – and Jungle Jims had this thai rice with chicken – that was pretty closed to Thai food that I liked.  So I had to try it again – to see if it was any better without the tortilla chips … [Read more…]

Strawberry Season

It’s strawberry season again – strawberry are so cheap – we have to buy it every time we see them and they have to be those that are grown locally – best from the farmer’s market if you asked me.  Chloe is crazy about the strawberries and so am I. These were grown locally and look how … [Read more…]

Sushi @ Farmer’s Market

Last week we found some food treasure at our local Farmer’s market !  can you imagine how i looked seeing sushi at the local Farmer’s market?  I had to buy them and try them of course!  But @ $10 a box – I told myself – it had to be good right? hahahah!!!   The … [Read more…]

Vibrant Market

very happy to see the Farmer’s market more and more vibrant every week – that shows that whoever said that the market wouldn’t do good downtown – don’t even know what they were talking about.  Who said you can’t make it downtown – ??  we are making it ain’t we? A happy baby dancing to … [Read more…]