When you have a kid that rush out to play with her friends as soon as she is done eating her dinner/supper – what do you do?  make fruit kebabs and invite her friends to have one too 🙂  Yes !  summer is here and all chloe wants is to play with her friends and I don’t blame her – how could she resist playing with such a cute little boy right?  Our neighbor’s kid – is a very good kid and he and his sister are the cutest ever and when Chloe sees that her friends are eating fruits too – guess who wants to eat fruits too 🙂   Yes!  to keep chloe healthy – I have resorted to making fruit kebabs for her – or if you have a kid who doesn’t like fruits – this may be something you might wanna try.  Good luck!


  1. shirleyloo

    yes! always involved their friends to ‘lure’ them into sumthing they dont eat always…such a gud idea 😉 tks!

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