I’ve actually bought this a long time ago – but when I first brought this home – the ginger wasn’t so ripe yet – I don’t like young ginger. So I let it sit for a while – like a few months – and today I opened it to eat them with my baked salmon. It was pretty good ! I love ginger – pickled ones like this – this bottle of ginger is actually meant for sushi – but you can eat it with anything you want. Ginger is said to be good for your body – especially if you feel bloated always – or if the food is too “cooling” for the stomach – the Chinese believed.  I put ginger in my Chinese soup and even dessert – if i cooked chinese chicken rice – I will also have ginger in my rice.   When I was pregnant with Chloe – I took some too – because I always feel nausea – with a little bit of ginger – it keep me feeling alright for a few hours.  Anyhow – I love ginger!

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