You’ve gotta love a restaurant that served such big portion of food for very reasonable price right – well – we love Peg’s because of this very reason.  The staff are friendly and the restaurant is very nice – with great ambiance and food is great too  – what else can you ask for right?  Anyhow – the week we had supper with our friends – was the week I had this – the next day that is – because PB and Chloe just loved Peg’s.  I didn’t finished it of course – as soon as I saw the huge slab of meat – I cut them into half and doggy bag this for another meal.  Love the potatoes of course and the ribs was good too – but I prefer baby back ribs – the ones you get from  Tony Roma’s.  So the next time I go to Peg’s it will be another dish – that’s for sure – but for those who have a huge appetite – you know what to order.  I think the ribs were like $16.95 if I am not wrong and as usual it came with soup and garlic bread – love their garlic bread too.


  1. What restaurant is this and where is it located. I would love to take ny father there to celebrate his birth day

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