Last week we found some food treasure at our local Farmer’s market !  can you imagine how i looked seeing sushi at the local Farmer’s market?  I had to buy them and try them of course!  But @ $10 a box – I told myself – it had to be good right? hahahah!!!   The box of sushi was $10 and the ginger was $0.50 cents and so was the soya sauce  – a wee bit ex if you asked me.  But never mind lah ! i told myself – just as long as they were good – no problemo!  the chopsticks were mine – hahah!


Smoked salmon sushi !!  so how was it?  well – it was kept at the right temperature that’s for sure  and it was rolled out well – the presentation was good – the touch of black sesame seed was awesome too and the avocado was another nice touch.  The smoked salmon was a tat bit dry though and the soya sauce was the wrong type.  The soya sauce used for Japanese sushi is different from the ones you used for your regular cooking.  The ginger was very little for $0.50 cents – but it was the right ginger used.   I do liked it – but a wee bit of improvement from vendor would be awesomeness and would bring Japanese sushi to a better taste and make it more authentic.   If i do see the vendor again – i would definitely let them know.  I don’t mind paying for good food – even if they were to charge a bit more – I really don’t mind – just as long as I can get that authentic taste.  But having said that – it’s not easy making sushi – so I have to give them credit for it.

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