very happy to see the Farmer’s market more and more vibrant every week – that shows that whoever said that the market wouldn’t do good downtown – don’t even know what they were talking about.  Who said you can’t make it downtown – ??  we are making it ain’t we?


A happy baby dancing to the music – he sure entertained everyone and made everyone happy.  And yes!  we have been busy – with Chloe’s godmother from Toronto in town – a lunch appt – and today a dinner appt with a good friend and her family.  Busy! busy ! and I’m pleased to report that Chloe did very well for her school year – she will be in Grade 2 next year – woohoo!!

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  1. simie

    Wow! congrats to Chloe for her brilliant performance at school. Big cuddles and hugs to her! Well done, Chloe!

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