English Breakfast

For those who are not aware of this – I spent a few years in Scotland when I was finishing school and one of the best meals I had was the English breakfast.  But as a poor student – one cannot eat out too often right – so I cooked my own breakfast at the … [Read more…]

Combination Plate No. 5

A few weeks ago – I didn’t know what to eat – so I tried something different at the Chinese restaurant downtown – and ordered a combination plate – #5.  #5 consist of some sweet & sour shrimp, Hunan chicken, chicken fried rice and an egg roll.   Usually when I order so much food … [Read more…]

Pizza & Good Friends

As you all know – Chloe had been sick for 10 days – and we have been practically stuck at home the whole time – not able to go anywhere – and shopping for groceries had to be done by PB alone.  And he couldn’t go too long – because Chloe would start whining.  Having … [Read more…]