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For someone who doesn’t like to eat birthday cakes nor eat anything sweet – I sure love to see and admire birthday cakes and any kind of confectioneries.  And every year – we received many invites from friends and customers – as well as the extended family – I loved those that are specially made – and those that are home made.  Home made cakes are made with love and professionally made cakes – are made with skills.  Therefore, whenever there is a birthday for us to attend – I’m most interested in the cake – in hope that one day – I will be able to bake one for Chloe’s birthday.

This year – we must have attended more than 20 birthdays thus far and the year is not even over yet.  But each invitation that we received – means someone cares enough for us to invite us and we try to go for each one – unless of course, we already have something planned for the week – or the invitation came too late for us to re-arrange our plans.  But nevertheless – there is a new cake store in town – called Goodies – and there are really lots of goodies in there – Lena Feven – who owns and bakes her own cakes and cookies – is new in downtown – so if you are downtown – don’t forget to go in and welcome her – and buy some goodies from Goodies.

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  1. Comment by MeiPY — September 9, 2011 @ 4:46 pm

    So cute!!!!!

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