That’s a lot of food !! i hear yer !! it is a lot!  I had to keep half a portion immediately in a doggy bag – because I know I won’t be able to finish it.  And true enough  I couldn’t even finished half – but I tried my darnedest.  I kept the rest for supper – and it was a full size meal then too.  But it was absolutely yummy !  I had this at Peg’s family restaurant – some 4 weeks ago – with PB and Chloe  – and even though I liked  it a lot – the chicken was well cooked and the Parmesan that is on top of it was good.


One definitely will not go out of Peg’s feeling hungry – in fact – I think you won’t be able to eat another bite for the rest of the day.  Good value for money – go to Peg’s – downtown Yarmouth.

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