So you all know by now that Chloe had been sick for 10 days and thank God – she has now recovered – but still hacking a bit.  Today, we had gone back to the doctor’s for a follow up – and she still thinks that she has a bit of asthma.  So more testing was ordered – and we have to keep her diet light in the meantime.  For days – we had been trying to give Chloe the right food to eat – since she was puking – having a fever and then green poop plus diarrhea.


Finally, I cooked something she liked and would eat and is quite healthy.  Chicken broth with mushroom, fresh green peas, some chicken cooked together.  Thank God for the macaroni – for she loved it now – for the longest time – she wouldn’t eat it – because she associated macaroni with macaroni and cheese – that her daddy eats.  Now that she knows she can have macaroni with soup – she is all for it.  So from now on – I don’t have to fret when it comes to sick food for the brat.  And cooking macaroni with chicken broth is so easy – you should try it  on rainy days too.


  1. shirleyloo

    clear soup n healthy food…good thought chef! hope chloe is back to her pink of health in no time 😉 u tc MB

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