Blueberry Pie From Goodies

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Did you all know that the best pie for a diabetic to eat is a blueberry pie?  yup – they have the least sugar in a piece of blueberry pie – in fact, anything blueberries are great for a diabetic.  So when I saw a blueberry pie from Goodies across the road from us – I had to try a piece.  Of course, I was addicted and went back to get a whole pie – but I had to wait a few days – but was not disappointed with the blueberry pie at all.  The entire blueberry pie only cost $7 + tax – and worth every penny of it.


The blueberry pie is made from scratch –  as you can see here.


This blueberry pie is not so sweet like the ones I get in the mall – the way i liked it – I could have a piece of it every day for tea time – and my sugar level is still alright.  So if you want some pies try some at Goodies.

Red Bean Soup

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I haven’t made red bean soup for a long time – because I had been very busy but the other day it was raining so much – I decided that it was time to make some.  I wished I had known that my chinese friend was coming to visit tomorrow – coz’ I would have saved her some.  Red bean soup is actually a dessert for us back home and not the kind of soup you drink before you main course and for those who wants to try some – I welcome you to it – let me know eh.  In my red bean soup, I also have gingko nuts and sago – it’s definitely very pretty and yummy.

A Little Something For Your Wedding

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Dear Jenn,

Like I said – luckily I have pictures to prove that I did get you a wedding card – alas! it did not arrived – but this was the wedding card that I had bought on behalf of Lina and myself.

And this was what I wrote in the card for you and Chapman.

“We are hoping for the best of things in your marriage. We are confident that you will be a blessing to each other and to those who you meet through your lives.”

A blessed marriage – Jenn & Chapman

Lina & Jan

Smoke Salmon With Spinach and Cheese

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Bought this from the local supermarket – Sobeys and baked it for 12 mins – pretty cheap and pretty awesome !  I wished Chloe and PB would loved  fish as  much as I do – it’s so healthy and they can’t seems to like it.  I eat fish at least twice a week – yet I’m putting on weight like nobody’s business!  arrrghhhh!!

Sunday Brunch @ Rudders

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A few weeks ago – we went back to Rudders for brunch after doing our morning errands – I ordered the steak and eggs because it was pretty cheap – $13.99 I think – but don’t quote me – I can’t remember – it’s been a few weeks like I said.  The sunny side up eggs were perfect – but my medium well steak was pretty charred and tough – hahhaa!! mannnn!! i had a hard time chewing them.


PB had the chicken and mashed potatoes – and he said the chicken was a bit dry too.


Chloe had hotdog and fries – she only had half the hotdog – because she had too much fries.


Chloe had her face painted that day.


Playing with her daddy’s iPhone while waiting for food.  Food that Sunday wasn’t the best – but that won’t deter us from going back to Rudders and trying different things – probably the cook was tired that Sunday.

The Incredible Picnic 2011

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Well, this is the 4th Annual Incredible Picnic happening province wide – but Yarmouth is only having this picnic for the first time – but I could be wrong – because this was the first – I’ve heard in my many years in Canada.  So a few weeks ago – we had the Incredible picnic at Beacon church – a lot of people showed up – but I think there were a lack of games for the kids – wished they planned some prices for the kids – or even balloons would be nice.  I saw some people with  metal detectors searching for treasures I think – maybe a game planned by a few families but we were not invited for the games


There were entertainment by a few group of musicians and they were all pretty good.


Lots of vendors cooking and showing off their delicious food.  Unfortunately, for us – we just had breakfast – so we didn’t get anything.


Of course, Chloe found some friends in the park and started playing with them – as PB and I watched her.


There were wine too – I was hoping to see Ironworks Distillery  from Lunenburg here – but alas, I have yet to see them in Yarmouth – I would love to get a bottle or two of the cranberry liqueur and apple brandy as well.


And they had some locally made pork hot dogs – I wished I could have tried some – but there was a line up – so I didn’t.


Yummy looking right?


Wished we didn’t have a late breakfast – they look so yummilicious!


Yummy soup from Red Cap Restaurant – a place I planned to visit soon in the near future.


The owner and chef of the restaurant – they were so friendly – I definitely have to go try their food out.


There were farmers selling fruits and veggies as well – but we already bought some the day before at the Farmer’s market.


Chloe playing more games with her friend.


Skipping some ropes before we went home.  It was a good picnic – but I wished they had some people to gather people together and make everyone play together – now that would have been a lot more fun.  Maybe a clown or two – or a magician would be great for the kids.

Expanding Your Tip Etiquette

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So I go to Tim’s for coffee quite often – for years – and only last year did I know that the girls collect tips there.  I also didn’t know that when you order take outs – it is also alright to tip the person who took your order – which I also found out from the Zhu’s from the Chinese restaurant last year.  So i started tipping both at the coffee shop and at the Chinese restaurant – which was quite alright – it’s always a dollar or less – whatever change I have left.   But last week – I was getting ice cream somewhere out of town – and the person who waited on me asked me -” do you want your change?”   I actually didn’t hear the person and had said “yes” but in a spilt second – I realised what she was asking – and replied ” no – no you keep the change.”

Truth be told I was quite shocked to be asked “if I wanted my change”, it wasn’t a big amount – maybe 50 cents or so – but in all my years in the hospitality industry – as well as being as well traveled as myself – I’ve never been asked that question.  I didn’t know what to make out of it – have you been asked a similar question before?  is it the norm now that it is customary to tip – as long as you are getting a service – whether it is an ice cream or at Macdonald’s?  or Dairy Queen?  or when you get a coffee at Starbucks?  should I be expanding my tipping etiquette?  Pray share!

A Poolside BBQ

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This summer we feel so loved because we have been invited to many BBQs and poolside parties and for those who knows me – I love the BBQ and if you tell me there is a BBQ at your home – I’ll be the first to be there.  It’s always nice to have the pool for the kids but you all know that it can get quite chilly here – so most of our friends put in the raypak heat pump great for heating up pools and spa.  Some may think it’s an investment – but if you can be using your pool and spa during the winter – I think it’s a small price to pay.


Lots of non-alcoholic drinks were provided during the poolside bbq – so that the kids can enjoy them as well – and the kids loved to see colorful fruits in their drinks.


Besides the burger – we had other dishes like salad, cheese and finger sandwiches for the kids.


As you can see – we had lots of meat – chloe called it the meat galore – muahahha!


The kids were in loved with the jello.  The bbq lasted till late at night and we even got to take a dip in the evening – thanks to the heat pump – we weren’t freezing like most times.

Charlotte Lane Cafe & Gift Shop

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My girlfriends and I headed to Shelburne one Saturday morning – to have lunch at Charlotte Lane Cafe – it’s about an hour drive from Yarmouth and it was a nice Saturday.  We arrived at noon – and it was easy to locate the cafe – albeit the fact that it was not visible on main street of Shelburne.   The children were glad that they arrived for they were getting quite restless in the car and it’s always good to have coloring books and crayons with you – when you bring kids out to eat.  I didn’t bring ours – because I am so used to having the restaurant provide – luckily for me – Kim and Jasmine bought theirs and the kids shared them.


The cafe is very bright – you wanna feel cheerful when you walk in – I love the decor – reminds me of a little Mexican restaurant back home at Shaw Center but of course – this place looks much nicer. The cafe was a very busy place on a Saturday – and while waiting to be seated – we browse a little at the gift store – the children were fascinated with all the little things there – I would have loved to browse some more if it wasn’t so crowded there.


We asked to be seated – even though we could have waited for another girlfriend to arrive before doing so – because the kids were getting hungry.  I had coffee first while the kids had freshly squeezed orange juice – coffee was really good.


Our host was a very pleasant and cheerful lady – I had mistaken her for the owner – but nope – the owner was someone else.   The menu as expected was very interesting – but I already knew what I wanted – there is no children menu here though – so if your kid is a fussy eater like mine – then you might get a little worried – although the chef and host was very accommodating.


While my girlfriends browse the menu – I looked more around at the decor – very pretty right – and pleasing to the eye – love the paintings too.


After we’ve ordered – a chunk of  french loaf/baguette – enough for 2 people arrived promptly  – I only had a little because I didn’t want to spoil my appetite – but it would have been nice if the french loaf/baguette were a little warmer.


I had the soup of the day – Cream of Tomato with Basil – just a cup of it and not a bowl – and it was delicious!  The tomato soup wasn’t so sourish like most – and not as rich – just the way I like it – but with strong basil taste and smell.


As Chloe is a fussy eater as I’ve said many times – the only thing she would eat at Charlotte Cafe was Spaghetti with tomato sauce – I had asked for a child’s portion with no greens at all.  But as you can see – it was a huge portion – as soon as Chloe saw it – she was quite worried she had to finish it.


I’ve also asked for some ham to go with her spaghetti as there is no meat in it.


So I tore the ham up with my fingers – and here she is with her lunch – lots of food – as you can see.


Kim had the Mexican breakfast wrap – with  scrambled eggs, salsa, and monterrey jack cheese served with spinach mango salad.  Kim said it was absolutely yummy!


Lynette ordered a Filet Mignon – a 6 oz. of alberta beef tenderloin pan seared to perfection, served with two peppercorn brandy sauce – for $29.95.  She said it was one of the best she had tasted thus far – the next time – I’m going to try the filet myself – good steaks are hard to come by.


The steak came with veggies that I ate instead of Lynette for she don’t like veggie that much.


And yours truly had what I had been longing for – for weeks –  the Eggs Benedict – golden brown potato roesti topped with black forest ham, two poached eggs and Chef Rollie’s (they fondly calls him that)  amazing hollandaise sauce.  Tis’ was heavenly !  I love it – it was rich and yummy – now I would eat it everyday  – if my tummy would behave itself.


And dear Jasmine only had cup of soup – and some of her mummy’s food.


Chloe had a hard time finishing her noodles – she only took 3 spoonful and ate all her ham and that was it.   And even though we did doggie bag it home – we still ended up throwing it away as she refused to eat it after.  You all know how i hate throwing out food and would have eaten it – if Chloe didn’t have a little bit of cough left from her cold from the previous week.


We were all quite full but we couldn’t come all the way to Shelburne without tasting its desserts right?  So we ordered some – and if you are at Charlotte’s cafe – you have to have their dessert – it was really, really good.


Kim and Lynette ordered the Peanut butter cream pie  – and they loved it !  they were all praised for their dessert.


I would have eaten it too – if I weren’t diabetic – hahahah!! but it was so tempting! the pie is made of  creamy peanut butter mousse on a chocolate crumb crust, drizzled with rich chocolate sauce – at  $6.95.


I had the Lemon Panna Cotta – a cream custard with essence of lemon and vanilla, served with tart raspberry sauce at  $6.95.  My Lemon Panna Cotta was light and lemony – but just right for a diabetic like myself.  The kids had a chocolate sundae each.

Overall, the food was very awesome – but the cafe was small even though it had an outdoor garden type of space with a few more tables – but it was also a very busy little cafe – when we were there.  Even though we weren’t  hurried at all during our meal – I would have preferred a more leisure lunch – since we girlfriends don’t get together often enough – and would have  been  nice to have another cup of coffee – sit and chat and relax before heading out again.  But from our table – we could see people lining up to get into the dining area – so we did the right thing and called for the bill.  Our lunch came to about $140 tips included – for 3 adults and 2 kids – it was a very good price for a very good meal – but the next time we visit – I’ll have to check with the cafe on the least busy day – coz’ we didn’t even get a chance to compliment the chef and we didn’t even have time to browse the gift store because it was so crowded – I would have loved to spent some more money there.

So yes – least busy day and a children’s menu would be much appreciated – if not I will have to bring only my girlfriends and/the spouses only.   But if you have never been to Charlotte Lane Cafe & Gift Shop in Shelburne – you will have to make a date with them – and please make reservations because it’s a busy little cafe.

Goodies From Goodies

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Goodies from Goodies – and it’s exactly like I write it – you see bakery store just opened up on the next street from us – and we are all familiar with owner and creative baker – Lena Fevens.  Very talented, young and most importantly has very good customer service and even offer to give you a free cupcake if you didn’t like the ones you bought yesterday.  Definitely a nice gesture – and will retain loyal customers.  Goodies opened shop a few weeks ago and both Chloe & I had been to visit many times – we’ve even introduced Goodies to friends and customers at our store.  Therefore, the lesson to learn here is  good food can be found in many places even downtown or in several steel buildings around the world.


Everything is super yummy and super rich and as you can see – they are all handmade and takes time.  Prices for the cupcakes are from $1.50 – $2.50 and cookies are like $1.00 each.   The cookies are heavenly good – definitely worth the $1.00 I paid for them.  I would eat more if I could afford the sugar.



Different types of cupcakes and flavor are found on the showcase and I’m told that they have coffee now.  Check out their pies as well.



Cinnamon rolls has icing in it already.


These were what we bought the first day Goodies opened.  For those who haven’t been into Goodies – do try them out and give Lena a shout – and lots of support.  Goodies is located at John Street where the old L & N sign used to be – directly opposite Lam’s used bookstore.

Remembering Your Anniversary

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We all love our spouse – but how many of you out there who have spouse who cannot remember those special dates and anniversary?  Mine almost forgot my birthday one year – till his mother called to wish me “Happy birthday!”  – outta be shot right?  but seriously, won’t you be kinda disappointed?  in fact, in many years to come – when you disagree on something – all these forgotten anniversary and special dates are going to come out and blown outta proportion – so men ! out there !!   listen up – there is such thing as overnight anniversary gift option and if you had really forgotten – mannnn!! you better use this option – because spending a little money is going to save you lots of  nagging in the years to come.  Trust me – I’m one of those who loved nagging and remembering those days – hahaha!   And yes – it’s the thoughts that counts – you don’t need to buy the spouse a diamond ring – some cupcakes or chocolates and flowers would be sufficient – surely, that special woman in your life deserved at least a box of chocolates or cupcakes or flowers if not all 3?  if the answer is yes!  well – you know what to do – but if you think you love the nagging – then go ahead and not send anything but if you do – I bet you will be getting a lovely surprised when you get home.

Yummilicious Soup

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A few weeks ago – i had craving for a certain soup – and though I can’t go sit in the restaurant and have the soup – I decided I would order it as a take out.  So can you guess what yummilicious  soup I had ?   Some people like it – but some people don’t – I had talked to some of the hostess in the restaurant and they just cannot stomach the soup – I don’t know why  but I loveddddddddddd  the soup although it is very rich – and I probably shouldn’t have it too often – but I can’t resist it.  So can you guess it already?


Yes! you guessed right – it was lobster bisque – yummy! yummy!!   lots of lobsters as you can see here.


The soup was really rich – and the cost of it after taxes is about $10 something – but really yummy!  unfortunately, they didn’t give me a roll with it –  *sad*  – oh well – next time I’ll remember to ask.

Thai Trio

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I bet you must be wondering what the Thai Trio is all about right?  Well if you are on a diet – and you eat this – for lunch and breakfast everyday – you will guarantee to lose weight.  How much I don’t know – but it can definitely work because it’s just tofu and curry rice.  Pretty yummy too.  Thai Trio was only $3.99 when i bought it – original price for $4.99 – it was on sale – so I had to try it out.   The packaging was definitely awesome – that was what attracted the food to me in the first place.


Of course, you can’t eat the packaging right ? you have to go test it out and the inside definitely don’t look as pretty once you have it microwaved – only a few minutes and pretty convenient if you asked me.


This is all the Thai Trio looked after pouring it out from the plastic bag – pretty plain looking but don’t let the look deceived you.  You have to taste something before you go “yakkksss!”.


A closer look at the tofu which is made to look like chicken.

I mixed it up a bit to make it look pretty but to no avail – I should have gotten my own cucumbers for the tofu thai rice.  The curry isn’t that spicy – so for those who don’t eat spicy – don’t worry now.

df online 2011

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punished online 2011

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part 1

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