Did you all know that the best pie for a diabetic to eat is a blueberry pie?  yup – they have the least sugar in a piece of blueberry pie – in fact, anything blueberries are great for a diabetic.  So when I saw a blueberry pie from Goodies across the road from us – I had to try a piece.  Of course, I was addicted and went back to get a whole pie – but I had to wait a few days – but was not disappointed with the blueberry pie at all.  The entire blueberry pie only cost $7 + tax – and worth every penny of it.


The blueberry pie is made from scratch –  as you can see here.


This blueberry pie is not so sweet like the ones I get in the mall – the way i liked it – I could have a piece of it every day for tea time – and my sugar level is still alright.  So if you want some pies try some at Goodies.

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  1. simie

    MB, I love blueberries so this blueberry pie is definitely my cup of tea! Shame we can’t get a decent blueberry pie over in my parts of the woods because blueberries are so expensive here.

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