So I go to Tim’s for coffee quite often – for years – and only last year did I know that the girls collect tips there.  I also didn’t know that when you order take outs – it is also alright to tip the person who took your order – which I also found out from the Zhu’s from the Chinese restaurant last year.  So i started tipping both at the coffee shop and at the Chinese restaurant – which was quite alright – it’s always a dollar or less – whatever change I have left.   But last week – I was getting ice cream somewhere out of town – and the person who waited on me asked me -” do you want your change?”   I actually didn’t hear the person and had said “yes” but in a spilt second – I realised what she was asking – and replied ” no – no you keep the change.”

Truth be told I was quite shocked to be asked “if I wanted my change”, it wasn’t a big amount – maybe 50 cents or so – but in all my years in the hospitality industry – as well as being as well traveled as myself – I’ve never been asked that question.  I didn’t know what to make out of it – have you been asked a similar question before?  is it the norm now that it is customary to tip – as long as you are getting a service – whether it is an ice cream or at Macdonald’s?  or Dairy Queen?  or when you get a coffee at Starbucks?  should I be expanding my tipping etiquette?  Pray share!


  1. never had anyone ask me this before but then again, here in oz, it’s not a norm to tip. but its always nice to leave a tip if u’re happy with the service. i personally dont tip at the restaurant. we only tip cabbies coz its just not an easy job. that said, i think in the US, they EXPECT you to tip perhaps the wages are low…and a large chunk of their salary is actually what tips they get.

  2. MeiPY

    Such a strange question! I have never been asked that before in any shop. If there’s a charity box, sometimes I’ll put my change in there. I tip in restaurants and some taxi services. Was it a new person at the till?

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