Goodies from Goodies – and it’s exactly like I write it – you see bakery store just opened up on the next street from us – and we are all familiar with owner and creative baker – Lena Fevens.  Very talented, young and most importantly has very good customer service and even offer to give you a free cupcake if you didn’t like the ones you bought yesterday.  Definitely a nice gesture – and will retain loyal customers.  Goodies opened shop a few weeks ago and both Chloe & I had been to visit many times – we’ve even introduced Goodies to friends and customers at our store.  Therefore, the lesson to learn here is  good food can be found in many places even downtown or in several steel buildings around the world.


Everything is super yummy and super rich and as you can see – they are all handmade and takes time.  Prices for the cupcakes are from $1.50 – $2.50 and cookies are like $1.00 each.   The cookies are heavenly good – definitely worth the $1.00 I paid for them.  I would eat more if I could afford the sugar.



Different types of cupcakes and flavor are found on the showcase and I’m told that they have coffee now.  Check out their pies as well.



Cinnamon rolls has icing in it already.


These were what we bought the first day Goodies opened.  For those who haven’t been into Goodies – do try them out and give Lena a shout – and lots of support.  Goodies is located at John Street where the old L & N sign used to be – directly opposite Lam’s used bookstore.

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