I haven’t made red bean soup for a long time – because I had been very busy but the other day it was raining so much – I decided that it was time to make some.  I wished I had known that my chinese friend was coming to visit tomorrow – coz’ I would have saved her some.  Red bean soup is actually a dessert for us back home and not the kind of soup you drink before you main course and for those who wants to try some – I welcome you to it – let me know eh.  In my red bean soup, I also have gingko nuts and sago – it’s definitely very pretty and yummy.

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  1. simie bean dessert is my favourite too! I usually add a few pieces of dried orange peels for added flavour. Another favourite of mine is bubur pulut hitam or sweetened black glutinuous rice porridge. Feel like having some right now! 🙂

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