We all love our spouse – but how many of you out there who have spouse who cannot remember those special dates and anniversary?  Mine almost forgot my birthday one year – till his mother called to wish me “Happy birthday!”  – outta be shot right?  but seriously, won’t you be kinda disappointed?  in fact, in many years to come – when you disagree on something – all these forgotten anniversary and special dates are going to come out and blown outta proportion – so men ! out there !!   listen up – there is such thing as overnight anniversary gift option and if you had really forgotten – mannnn!! you better use this option – because spending a little money is going to save you lots of  nagging in the years to come.  Trust me – I’m one of those who loved nagging and remembering those days – hahaha!   And yes – it’s the thoughts that counts – you don’t need to buy the spouse a diamond ring – some cupcakes or chocolates and flowers would be sufficient – surely, that special woman in your life deserved at least a box of chocolates or cupcakes or flowers if not all 3?  if the answer is yes!  well – you know what to do – but if you think you love the nagging – then go ahead and not send anything but if you do – I bet you will be getting a lovely surprised when you get home.

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