A few weeks ago – we went back to Rudders for brunch after doing our morning errands – I ordered the steak and eggs because it was pretty cheap – $13.99 I think – but don’t quote me – I can’t remember – it’s been a few weeks like I said.  The sunny side up eggs were perfect – but my medium well steak was pretty charred and tough – hahhaa!! mannnn!! i had a hard time chewing them.


PB had the chicken and mashed potatoes – and he said the chicken was a bit dry too.


Chloe had hotdog and fries – she only had half the hotdog – because she had too much fries.


Chloe had her face painted that day.


Playing with her daddy’s iPhone while waiting for food.  Food that Sunday wasn’t the best – but that won’t deter us from going back to Rudders and trying different things – probably the cook was tired that Sunday.

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