Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween to everyone from Chloe!  but today Chloe has a special assignment – besides giving out cookies to her friends in school.   Halloween is a big thing for some people and to one couple – this Halloween will mark a really special day for them – because both of them met at a Halloween party – so Chloe’s cousin – is asking the hand of his girlfriend tonight and Chloe has a  diamond ring in one of the cookie treat bags.   Chloe’s cousin was looking at promise rings for a long time now and finally bought one that is within his budget and since Chloe is so cute and adorable – his girlfriend is not going suspect anything when Chloe gives her a treat bag tonight.  Pretty cool if you asked me – so tonight – we are all going to gather at the cousin’s house where the Halloween party will be – and his girlfriend won’t suspect a thing – hahhaa!!  i’m so excited!   Happy Halloween everyone!

Crazy About Sushi

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I’m crazy about sushi – and I had bought this at the Farmer’s market the other day for $12  – it’s not a bad price if it was authentic sushi with a real sushi chef – but amateur sushi cannot charge so much lah!  It wasn’t bad – the sushi – but not worth $12 – so I’m going to learn to make my own sushi.   I’m sure I can do a better plate of sushi than this – right?  so yes! wish me good luck !  Those who have tried making their own sushi – should give me a tip or two how to prepare them.  I’ve watched a lot of video on youtube – so I think I can do it.

Vegetarian Pot

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I love home cooked meals – and even more so after I moved to Canada permanently.  I strive to cook for Chloe – and it has to be fresh – because I don’t like for her to eat overnight stuff in case she has wind in her tummy.  Last week – I got some tau pok from Halifax – Gary  – a customer was up in Halifax and picked them up for me – so I cooked them immediately with some Japanese mushrooms – given as gift to us – from a blogging friend with oyster sauce.


I added some hard boil eggs and brought them to work for lunch – what a great meal!   I’m not a very good cook – but I’ll have to say – that this food were as close as home can get for now.

Best Frozen Garlic Bread

Posted by mamabok | Baking,Canadian,Food Review,My Musing,Shopping | Monday 24 October 2011 6:02 pm


I’ve tried many frozen garlic bread that you can warm up in the oven but Dempster’s is by far the best.  For years – I would try just about everything and anything – but Home Bakery Garlic slices had the most authentic garlic bread taste.  Heat up in your oven for 7 mins and that’s all it takes – at $3.59 – it’s great for an appetizer with soup – or just on its own.  Garlic and butter never tasted this good.  So if you want some good authentic and yummy garlic slices – this is the brand I vouch for.

Red Bean Bun

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Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?  yummy yummy!  red bean pau – or bun – steamed!!  thanks to Gary D’eon our customer – who brought a whole bunch of asian food for me this week.  So grateful to so many people who brings food for me from the city – especially Lynette – who never fails to come take my order – when she is up in the city for work or visiting her family in Halifax.  And of course, all the friends and family from all over the world – who sends me food periodically.  Thank you so much!

Apples & Pears Galore

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We went out to the Wallace Apple Farm last weekend – for we were out antique shopping and plus we wanted to get some apples for Chloe’s class & teachers and there were apples and pears everywhere.


There are different types of apples.


The pears were so good – I wished I had known earlier – I would have bought a lot more than just one box.


More apples.


Want some more apples?


Different apples.


Pears!  i’m getting these pears next week.


Mannnn!!!  lots of apples !!!

Traditional Canadian foods

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If you love to taste and try new and exciting foods, you may have enjoyed reading up on my Ice Cube Junkie site. I have packed it full of light hearted diary entries about all things edible which I love to eat here in Canada. But what is considered the most popular Canadian dish?

According to the former Canadian Prime Minister Joe Clark, ‘Canada has a cuisine of cuisines. Not a stew pot, but a smorgasbord’. The cuisine will vary depending on which region of the country you are in. However, its main routes trace back to British and French cuisine, as a result of immigration in the 18th to 19th century. There are also some Chinese and Eastern European influences, such as Ginger Beef, which is found in Western Canada . If your weekend breakfast treat is to lay in bed, playing Party Poker, with a pile of home-made pancakes with lashings of maple syrup, did you know that Canada is in fact the syrup capital of the world and produces the most amount of the sweet treat internationally? What other traditional dishes can you expect to find in Canada?


Poutine is a very popular dish in Quebec. It is a greasy fast food which consists of French fries, topped with cheese curds and covered in a meaty gravy. Other countries have taken the dish and made it their own; Mexico uses fries, guacamole, sour cream and grated cheese, whereas the Greeks enjoy shoestring fries, splashed with warm Mediterranean vinaigrette and feta cheese.


For those with a sweet tooth, the quintessential dessert of Canada is the Butter Tart. Made with butter, sugar, eggs and syrup, these ingredients combine to make a flaky sweet pastry which is molded into individual bite size cases. A sweet egg mixture is placed in the case and the dessert is baked until it produces a crunchy top. ?

Halloween Candies

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Halloween is but a few weeks away  – are you ready for Halloween?  I think we are quite ready – this year – we have our store all dressed up and we even bought a special candy bowl for Halloween.  What so special about it?  watch the video below and you will see.   I’m thinking of wearing a  sexy red wig on Halloween day – when the kids come and get their candies at the store.  What do you think?  after all – not many Asian have red hair right ?  Chloe is gonna be a witch this year.   I think I will be a witch mama with red hair.

I’ve already tricked a few customers today – and not only the children but the big people too – hehehehe!! cheeky eh.


We didn’t really dress the window a lot – because Chloe doesn’t like it to be too spooky.


But we do have a freaky skeleton in the window.


And more skeleton heads at the front counter – I think I might get some pumpkins from Chloe’s grampie and decorate those with Chloe and put them at the entrance.

Shopping & Eating With Friends


I love to go shopping with my girlfriends from Canada – but eating with those from home – now that is pretty awesome too – especially when they bring you presents like personal picture frames from the states and eat sashimi with you.  Speaking of which – I’ll have to remember to collect my California rolls from the Farmer’s market tomorrow – I ordered them last week.  Anyhow, I had friends from home who’ve migrated to United States who came to visit this week – so I was extra busy with showing them around and eating with them.


We went to the Farmer’s market and bought some bread pudding.


And we checked out the Halloween decorations at our local grocery stores.


And we drove them to the airport – to send them off and had some good Japanese food.


And yummy, yummy sashimi!


And yummy grilled and raw squids. It was but a short visit – but we had a great time and it was like only last week that we had left each other – and we just picked right up where we left.  Some friends are just passing thru’ while others stay around for a long time.  Thank you for visiting me even though your schedules were so tight.   Now I can’t wait for Fiona and Karen (my other long time friends from work) to come visit me next year.

40th Anniversary Dinner

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Well, it was also Thanksgiving day last weekend – but Aunt Helena was doing all the cooking to celebrate PB’s parents 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years in marriage – now that is definitely something one has to celebrate right?  Not easy to stay married for 40 years and i am sure you will agree with me.


While the rest of the folks had turkey – I wanted to have some ham for the dinner – so we bought some from the grocery store.  Chloe loves turkey and the ham was super yummy!


Condiments to go with the turkey, cranberry jelly, pickled beets and potatoes, carrots and cucumber.


And for dessert there was a pumpkin pie, some nainamo cubes  and PB’s aunt had bought a cake too for the anniversary and joined us later for dessert.  We had a really good meal and Chloe had roasted marshmallows as well.

An Apple A Day

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Keeps the kids happy and healthy !  a bag of apple for Chloe’s class .


But because Chloe needs to give out the apples – we bought a basket – so that she can be little red riding hood – hahah!  But the kids loved the apples and were all very happy.  We are glad to do our bit.

Treats For The Weekend

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One has gotta love all the cakes and desserts you can get here in Canada.  At our local grocery store – we have many talented bakers and Patissiere, there are just so much one can choose from – so this weekend – make sure you get a treat or two for the entire family.


Rich and yummy right?


Drooling!  I am !

Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  this year we are thankful for a lot of things!   I’m sure you are too – and here’s Chloe having a rainbow cupcake from Goodies – I think she was fascinated with the color of the frosting – that’s why she wanted to buy it so bad – hahah!


But yes, we are thankful for Chloe’s good health – and that she is a happy kid, that her dad loves here and would do just about anything for her.  She is loved by many people including all our customers.  And she has good teachers for the last 2 years – we are really thankful for that – because they make her feel special and confident.


We are thankful that the store/business is doing well – and that we are getting a lot of good customers at the store and for me  a lot of good private advertisers and a long standing one – that I can count on.  Thankful for family, friends and loved ones – because they enriched my life and make me a better person.   Thankful for a spouse who never complains about me – and is long suffering towards my craziness.


Thankful for all my friends from here – you know who you are – who brings me food from Halifax and thankful for those of you who sends me food from home – you too know who you are.   Here’s wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving day this weekend – and may we all be thankful and gracious about the things we have and not the things we do not have.

Lunch With My Doctor

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Well, he isn’t my doctor now – but he was many years ago – till he moved away, definitely the town’s lost – and I liked him a lot that’s why we became friends.  He was in town for a short visit to do some paperwork on the closing of his house – yes! it finally sold after so many years and I was really happy to see him again.  While doctors are rare in this town – there are plenty to offer in the city and in Toronto – plus there are plenty of jobs available in the city even for his psychiatrist wife.  I guess the main reason why he re-settled was because his wife couldn’t find any Psychiatrist Jobs in this town – but now she is with a big medical facility in the city and doing well.

We played catch up at a local restaurant in town and had stuff pork – but the pork was darn tough, i had a hard time chewing it down – so the next time I better not order pork since my teeth isn’t so strong as they were when i was younger.  But service was great – and my doctor/friend loved the pork – so I guess it may just be me eh.   Our lunch lasted for 2 hrs and we had lots of coffee and we talked a lot about what’s going on in this town – he wants to know when I’m moving to the city – hahah! now only if it was so easy eh.  PB’s store is doing good, so to ask him to move and start all over again – that would not be right.  My job is easy – I can work just about anywhere I go – as long as they have high -speed internet – I’m good.  While my doctor/friend made the sacrifice to move to the city for his wife’s job and sanity – I am the one making the sacrifice in staying.

BBQ Hot Dogs @ Farmer’s Market

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For those who don’t know this – I love BBQ anything – so when I arrived at the Farmer’s market with Lynette, Joshie and Chloe a few weeks ago – and saw the chicken man BBQing – I just had to get some.  Plus I loveeeeeeeeeeee  sauerkraut – unfortunately, they only have whole wheat buns and my tummy just do not like anything wholewheat these days.  But nevertheless – the BBQ hot dog/sausage was pretty good.  The Canadians here loved their maple sausages and honey garlic ones and according to chicken man the meat is from his farm – so quite organic I think – but do not quote me.


I think Lynette had a honey garlic with mustard – yummy looking right?  the hot dogs were like $3.50 for one – so it wasn’t a bad deal at all.   That was my lunch that Saturday – and I was darn hungry by the time supper came.  Too bad the chicken man didn’t do his BBQing earlier during summer  – it was towards the end of summer before he started – what a bummer right?  Nevermind, next year – he said he will start early – so I can look forward to next year – as for the bbq machine i bought in the beginning of summer  – we had retired it earlier – because PB doesn’t really like bbqing but seeing that this Friday is going to be warm – I might just bring it out and do one last BBQ with the Magic card players.

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