Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to everyone from Chloe!  but today Chloe has a special assignment – besides giving out cookies to her friends in school.   Halloween is a big thing for some people and to one couple – this Halloween will mark a really special day for them – because both of them met at a Halloween … [Read more…]

Red Bean Bun

Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?  yummy yummy!  red bean pau – or bun – steamed!!  thanks to Gary D’eon our customer – who brought a whole bunch of asian food for me this week.  So grateful to so many people who brings food for me from the city – especially Lynette – … [Read more…]

Apples & Pears Galore

We went out to the Wallace Apple Farm last weekend – for we were out antique shopping and plus we wanted to get some apples for Chloe’s class & teachers and there were apples and pears everywhere. There are different types of apples. The pears were so good – I wished I had known earlier … [Read more…]

Shopping & Eating With Friends

I love to go shopping with my girlfriends from Canada – but eating with those from home – now that is pretty awesome too – especially when they bring you presents like personal picture frames from the states and eat sashimi with you.  Speaking of which – I’ll have to remember to collect my California … [Read more…]

Treats For The Weekend

One has gotta love all the cakes and desserts you can get here in Canada.  At our local grocery store – we have many talented bakers and Patissiere, there are just so much one can choose from – so this weekend – make sure you get a treat or two for the entire family. Rich … [Read more…]

BBQ Hot Dogs @ Farmer’s Market

For those who don’t know this – I love BBQ anything – so when I arrived at the Farmer’s market with Lynette, Joshie and Chloe a few weeks ago – and saw the chicken man BBQing – I just had to get some.  Plus I loveeeeeeeeeeee  sauerkraut – unfortunately, they only have whole wheat buns … [Read more…]