Well, it was also Thanksgiving day last weekend – but Aunt Helena was doing all the cooking to celebrate PB’s parents 40th wedding anniversary.  40 years in marriage – now that is definitely something one has to celebrate right?  Not easy to stay married for 40 years and i am sure you will agree with me.


While the rest of the folks had turkey – I wanted to have some ham for the dinner – so we bought some from the grocery store.  Chloe loves turkey and the ham was super yummy!


Condiments to go with the turkey, cranberry jelly, pickled beets and potatoes, carrots and cucumber.


And for dessert there was a pumpkin pie, some nainamo cubes  and PB’s aunt had bought a cake too for the anniversary and joined us later for dessert.  We had a really good meal and Chloe had roasted marshmallows as well.

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