For those who don’t know this – I love BBQ anything – so when I arrived at the Farmer’s market with Lynette, Joshie and Chloe a few weeks ago – and saw the chicken man BBQing – I just had to get some.  Plus I loveeeeeeeeeeee  sauerkraut – unfortunately, they only have whole wheat buns and my tummy just do not like anything wholewheat these days.  But nevertheless – the BBQ hot dog/sausage was pretty good.  The Canadians here loved their maple sausages and honey garlic ones and according to chicken man the meat is from his farm – so quite organic I think – but do not quote me.


I think Lynette had a honey garlic with mustard – yummy looking right?  the hot dogs were like $3.50 for one – so it wasn’t a bad deal at all.   That was my lunch that Saturday – and I was darn hungry by the time supper came.  Too bad the chicken man didn’t do his BBQing earlier during summer  – it was towards the end of summer before he started – what a bummer right?  Nevermind, next year – he said he will start early – so I can look forward to next year – as for the bbq machine i bought in the beginning of summer  – we had retired it earlier – because PB doesn’t really like bbqing but seeing that this Friday is going to be warm – I might just bring it out and do one last BBQ with the Magic card players.

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