Crazy About Sushi

Posted by mamabok | Food From Home,Food Review,Japanese,My Musing | Friday 28 October 2011 1:29 pm


I’m crazy about sushi – and I had bought this at the Farmer’s market the other day for $12  – it’s not a bad price if it was authentic sushi with a real sushi chef – but amateur sushi cannot charge so much lah!  It wasn’t bad – the sushi – but not worth $12 – so I’m going to learn to make my own sushi.   I’m sure I can do a better plate of sushi than this – right?  so yes! wish me good luck !  Those who have tried making their own sushi – should give me a tip or two how to prepare them.  I’ve watched a lot of video on youtube – so I think I can do it.


  1. Comment by MeiPY — October 30, 2011 @ 1:39 pm

    Hey MB, my first tip – use a rice vinegar that has the sugar and salt already mixed into it, I think this will give a better taste to the sushi rice.
    Tip 2 – have a bowl of water near you as the rice can be really sticky.
    Tip 3 – don’t use too many ingredients in one roll (it’s very hard to roll!).
    And tip 4 – enjoy with wasabi and soy sauce mixed together :D

  2. Comment by Katelynn — November 2, 2011 @ 8:30 pm

    which store did you get this at?

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