Halloween is but a few weeks away  – are you ready for Halloween?  I think we are quite ready – this year – we have our store all dressed up and we even bought a special candy bowl for Halloween.  What so special about it?  watch the video below and you will see.   I’m thinking of wearing a  sexy red wig on Halloween day – when the kids come and get their candies at the store.  What do you think?  after all – not many Asian have red hair right ?  Chloe is gonna be a witch this year.   I think I will be a witch mama with red hair.

I’ve already tricked a few customers today – and not only the children but the big people too – hehehehe!! cheeky eh.


We didn’t really dress the window a lot – because Chloe doesn’t like it to be too spooky.


But we do have a freaky skeleton in the window.


And more skeleton heads at the front counter – I think I might get some pumpkins from Chloe’s grampie and decorate those with Chloe and put them at the entrance.


  1. simie

    Nice work with the Halloween decor, MB! It’s such a big thing in the side of the world but where I live, it’s pretty quiet on this day. BTW, that skeleton is awesome!

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