Happy Halloween to everyone from Chloe!  but today Chloe has a special assignment – besides giving out cookies to her friends in school.   Halloween is a big thing for some people and to one couple – this Halloween will mark a really special day for them – because both of them met at a Halloween party – so Chloe’s cousin – is asking the hand of his girlfriend tonight and Chloe has a  diamond ring in one of the cookie treat bags.   Chloe’s cousin was looking at promise rings for a long time now and finally bought one that is within his budget and since Chloe is so cute and adorable – his girlfriend is not going suspect anything when Chloe gives her a treat bag tonight.  Pretty cool if you asked me – so tonight – we are all going to gather at the cousin’s house where the Halloween party will be – and his girlfriend won’t suspect a thing – hahhaa!!  i’m so excited!   Happy Halloween everyone!

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