Dog Treats For Christmas

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For some of us – we are busy buying gifts for our loved ones and preparing a menu for Christmas dinner – but for others like my daughter’s godmother in Singapore – who is a dog-lover – she must also be preparing treats for her two cutest doggie in Singapore.  And guess what we found at Pet Valu here in town – dog treats !!!!  they looked so delicious !  that we too want to eat them.


Don’t they look just like treats that you and I give to our kids?  well – for those who have dogs at home – look no future – you can get this for your pets for Christmas – or just because.


But as you can see – these treats are not cheap – but who cares right ?  after all our dogs are just like our kids.


Mannn!! these look delicious!  I asked the manager and he said they can be kept for a long time – so you can even buy them and store them till you want to treat your dogs.


Love the packaging – so if you know of a dog owner – and you want to send a gift to them – why not consider these dog treats – I bet they would be thrilled with your kind gesture.


The treats are packed with goodness and are all labeled with the ingredients.


This is too pretty right?  even the cookies we eat ain’t that pretty.

Marco’s Pasta & Grill Is In Town

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I’m very happy to see Marco’s Pasta  & Grill move to town – because I’ve always liked Marco since it’s previous owners but they were all the way out in Tusket.  Sure, it really isn’t that far – but when you are hungry – you just want to go where it is the nearest – and the trouble with us is – we only eat when we are hungry.


So having Marco’s in town is definitely a plus for people like me who loved food and different kind of food everyday if possible.


Marco’s is all decked up for Christmas as you can see here.


We didn’t have to wait long for our seats – there were like 6 – 8 tables filled when we arrived – and only 2 waitresses that Sunday.  So it is considered busy by my standard.


The restaurant’s decor is pretty – and as you can see here – can seat quite a number of tables and people.


We were given a seat near the entrance – one side is bench like seats and the other side with regular wooden seats.


We didn’t have to wait long for our menu to come – but the waitress didn’t give us a children’s menu – we had to ask for it.  But that’s alright – she is busy and I can see that there were a number of regular guests during lunch that Sunday.


We started with an appetizer of bruschetta  – although I know I’m going to be the one eating most of it.  PB had one – I think because it had cheese on it – haha!


The waitress freshly grated the cheese in front of us – and that was a very nice touch.  Unfortunately, chloe doesn’t like the smell of the cheese and as for the bruschetta – it was delicious but a wee bit soggy for my liking.


Chloe had the fish and chips from the children’s menu – and there were a lot of fish – she couldn’t finish all of it of course.


PB had a bowl of seafood soup because he had a late breakfast – he said the fish was really fresh and tender.


And I had the lasagna with meat sauce but had I known that there was going to be more garlic bread – I wouldn’t have ordered bruschetta and would have ordered some mushroom or even a plate of oysters if they had any. But the lasagna was good and some tabasco sauce would have been great to have without me asking again.

Overall, the food was very delicious, but the seat wasn’t the most comfy – and the service was good but definitely needed some more attention to the small details.  But having said that – they are just newly relocated – so I have to give them some time to warm up to the new customers I guess, so I will definitely go back and dine at Marco’s Pasta and Grill  – and will recommend others to give Marco’s a try for sure.

English Egg Tarts

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So I saw this tarts at the Farmer’s market by an English couple and asked if they could make some for me.  A few weeks later – they had some made and I went to pick them up.  The tarts were good – but I had expected them to be the egg tarts from home – but these as you can see are cinnamon on top of the tarts.   Not really what I had expected – but it still tasted really good – except for the cinnamon that I didn’t really care for a lot.  A wee bit is fine – but too much just take the egg custard taste away.  I didn’t finish them all – and in fact gave some away  – I may just have to learn how to make egg tarts (dan tart) on my own.

Wasabi Phil

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Wasabi Phil has a store at the Farmer’s Market and I’m pleased to let you all know that sushi was much better this week – I think I can really enjoy his sushi from now on – if he continues this standard.  But it would be nice if Wasabi Phil had some ginger and sushi soya sauce with his sushi – coz I had to use my own.  So folks – want some sushi – try Wasabi Phil at the Farmer’s market tomorrow and Saturday.  You won’t regret it – it’s the closest taste to real sushi besides Halifax.

Christmas Goodies

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Yes! it’s that time of year again – Christmas presents and ginger bread making and cookies and other treats for Christmas.  Have you put up your Christmas decoration yet?  or are you waiting for the eve of Christmas?   We’ve already started shopping for Christmas presents already – especially those we need to send overseas.  I bought some black & mild cigars that my ex-boss likes online and will be mailing it directly to him by the end of the month.   I also ordered popcorn for my favorite advertisers for Christmas – and of course presents for my princess but I don’t know what to get for her teachers.  Should I get spa tickets or a ticket for lunch?   I wished they were as easy to buy for as my ex-boss – for Mr Hernandez – he loves his cigars every year – and no matter what kind of cigar – he enjoys them as much – I’m just lucky with him.   But yes!  Christmas goodies are all over the place – and this year they have GingerBread Tree – something different but definitely just as good.

JSG 18.11.2011

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JSG 18.11.2011

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Anniversary 2011 Special

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Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 19 November 2011

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Boston Pizza In Halifax

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Located at Duke and Granville Street in Downtown Halifax – Boston Pizza wasn’t our first choice to eat but Chloe wasn’t feeling so good at that time when we were in the city – so we decided to just take a quick bite.   It was very near to the hotel we were staying at – The Westin at South End and I have to say the service was very good – the waitress was very nice.  We were out getting  Christmas invitations for Christmas – in downtown when it started to drizzle – so we decided to go into Boston Pizza for a meal and also to get out of the rain.


Chloe wasn’t up to eating the fish nor the french fries that was how we knew she wasn’t feeling good at all.  Poor kid – but she was kept occupied with the new Christmas invitations that we had bought from a gift store earlier in the afternoon while we were out shopping.


I had a bowl of french onion soup with some french loaf  – the onion soup was good.


PB had fish and chips – as you can see – it was a very small portion but good enough for PB as he doesn’t eat a lot.  Overall, our experience at Boston Pizza was good.  No fault of theirs that our kid was sick but they did try to make it as pleasant as possible for Chloe.  It was a bit chilly where we sat – the air-con was blowing directly on top of our head – so it was not so good for Chloe.   After a quick meal – we packed up all our Christmas invitations – and bolted out into the night – and quickly into the car and got back to the hotel.   Maybe, the next time when we are up in Halifax, we will give Boston Pizza another try.

Gourmet Baby Food

Posted by mamabok | Amusing/Bizarre,Canadian,Shopping,The Brat,Western | Wednesday 16 November 2011 10:41 pm


Now why didn’t they have food like that when Chloe was a baby?????  it certainly would have made it easier for us when we had to travel – because Chloe was very fussy about her food even when she was a baby.  She would even eat the congee I made – and I even double blended them – and still she wouldn’t eat them *slap forehead* – so most times we had to rely on Heinz.  You wouldn’t believed how much Heinz that kid ate, so it would have been nice to have a choice.


Babies are so lucky these days – but is it healthy to eat stuff like that?  I think they should be – because Chloe didn’t have any problems with the corn, carrots and squash she had from Heinz.  It was milk and Heinz food most times – until she was about 2 years old –  but then she still didn’t want to take a lot of solid food – so we had to give everything to her very slowly.   There were some sweet potato pie as well – and lots of fruits, of course I didn’t buy any – but it would definitely be something mothers to be can look into – if you have a fussy kid like mine.

Home Made Wanton Soup With Spinach

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Nothing beats making your own wanton soup at home for a quick supper – of course – don’t forget the spinach please.  I love lots of veggies and if one can’t find bok choy like myself here in this town – I resort to using spinach.  Spinach reminds me of watercress – so the more the merrier.   I used a chicken broth for soup – with less salt and no msg – therefore, I hope it is healthy enough.  While people here go for pizza and garlic fingers – I loved my own wanton soup from home.   You can make your own wanton and freeze them – or buy them ready packed in an Asian grocery store up in the city.

Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls

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I don’t usually buy Sausage roll pastry even though i loved them – especially during cocktails or party – but I never really baked them at home – but since they were on sale at $6.99 at Sobeys – I decided to try a box of it.


The puff pastry looks like that before cooking – but don’t be deceived by its tiny looking pastry – because once baked at 20 – 25 mins – it is quite filling.


Depending on how hot your oven is – it varies from oven to oven – it can turned out really beautiful.  And 40 pieces will take a long time to finish – especially after eating like 5 pieces can really fill you up.  It taste awesome – but the sausage inside – don’t look so awesome – but who looks at the sausage right ?  unless you eat like I do – and eat the pastry first – hahah!  Anyhow – it’s worth buying and eating – and great for Christmas parties and housewarming – very easy to bake for sure.

52 days To Christmas

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52 days to Christmas – are you counting down yet?  I started early this year – so that I can get all my presents done before Christmas and I need to get the things I really need – not just  because.  Buying presents as gifts needs to be thoughtful ones – else I rather not buy.  Also I make use of those dropdowndeals coupon codes to get the best deals for all my Christmas shopping – after all, who doesn’t like to save money right?  I’m also on the look out for any coupon codes – from free shipping to a discount for things I buy.  Sometimes, I get as much as 25% in discount for a certain item I had been eying on for a long time – and 25% to me is a really great deal.  Some friends I know – are already wrapping up presents – now that’s what I called efficiency – so this year – I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will stick to my countdown – and not lose count.

Hidden Treasure’s Family Restaurant

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Hidden Treasure’s is located in South Ohio – about 15 minutes from the town – thru’ Highway 101 – in fact – this place was the first place that PB had his store – way back 12 yrs ago – before I came to Canada – and now it has turned into a restaurant.  Because it is out of town – it mostly cater to those living around South Ohio – Port Maitland and Lake George.


They do have an extensive menu – but I wasn’t very hungry as I had a late breakfast.  So I ordered a seafood  chowder soup – a bowl instead of a cup  but it was  alot of soup – so the next time – I will order a cup instead.  The soup was good – and a lot of fresh seafood in it.


I also ordered an egg wrapped to go with my soup.


Chloe had her hotdog and fries – since they didn’t have fish that she liked in the children’s menu.


PB had a chicken burger and some mashed potatoes.


The restaurant can easily seat about 100 pax and it’s a family restaurant – and the service was pretty good as well.


They had quite a few tables filled when we were there for a Sunday lunch – and yes – we will visit again – to try out the entire menu.  Afterall, this restaurant is very near to Chloe’s grandparents place – maybe – one day they will dine with us.

New Store @ Farmer’s Market

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Did I mentioned that our new Farmer’s Market in our town is opened all year round?   yup!!  and yippeeee!!!   this week PB went to the Farmer’s market with us – so I can buy more stuff – but alas, he left to open the store – what a bummer – but that’s alright – he gave me money to buy more stuff – muahahhaa!!!


Macaroons are my favorite – so when I saw this new stall at the Farmer’s market – I had to try some.  So I bought a chocolate one for PB and a lemony one for me.   Chloe didn’t want any – silly girl!  and they were yummy too!


Some chocolate cookies with raisins I think.


More macaroons.


Pretty sugary cookies.


And biscotti !!  woohoo!!  i haven’t had one of those for so long – because we don’t have a Starbucks here.  But these biscotti are really good in fact – better than the ones from Starbucks.


Chocolate and almond ones – and they are not as hard as the ones from Starbucks.


And this beautiful girl is from a mixed marriage – mom is from Philippines and dad is a Canadian.  Pretty right? and very sweet too! and very nice.


And there were some craft work children and chloe made something at the Farmer’s market.  But without her daddy there – she didn’t want to stay long.


A tortoise – pretty right?  made by Chloe herself – pretty good right?

Dress Code For Restaurants


I have to admit that since coming to Canada – I haven’t been too concern about the dress code when I go out for dinner or lunch.  Quite the difference as compared when I was working in Singapore – that’s for sure.  Well, in such a small town – and also because of PB’s nonchalant attitude towards look – I too – dress down for the sake of matching up with him.   But that doesn’t mean that it is right – especially when casual smart is asked when you go into a restaurant or fast food like Jungle Jims or Boston Pizza & Pizza Hut.

But when we were invited for wine tasting a few months ago in Halifax by a well known food enthusiast – I made sure that PB dress up appropriately – not jacket and long sleeves but casual smart as expected.   He had some titanium accessories that he never used – and we decided he would use it this trip – to make him look more appropriate.  As for myself – I put on my nice suede jacket and my new fall boots and jeans for the wine tasting and for the wine tasting – i put on make up as well – not just lipsticks!

I don’t know how others dress for dinner or an event – but I think dress codes are given because you have to respect the restaurant the the people you are having dinner or drinks with.   Some people might not look dressing up – but some accessories can definitely make one’s look more formal than you think.  I love titanium accessories for man and I’m glad PB had some – so that whenever we need to attend something special – all I need for him to do – is put on his jeans – a simple long sleeve shirt – no ties – but definitely his titanium cufflink – now that’s the perfect casual smart for man.

A Simple Food

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You can never imagine how a simple cold soba can make one so happy right?  but it does.  I never used to eat cold soba when I was home – in Asia – I avoided them like a plague.  My excuse  too much calories but now – I eat them as soon as I can find them.   The simple affair with the cold soba reminds me of how we take a lot of things and people for granted – we think we have a lifetime with them – but when they are no longer available to you – you will then cherish it and be grateful for it.  Then can you appreciate it – and treat such simple food – with admiration.  A simple food, a simple affair – cherish your food – cherish the people around you – you don’t have to treat them with rarity only when you can have them no longer.

Kitchen Gadget

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I don’t know about you – but as a food lover – I too love the kitchen gadgets – so when I saw this – I just had to buy it.  Cost about $4.99 I think – but don’t quote me.  Can you guess what this is ? or  what it is use for?   First person to guess correctly will get one of this home gadget mail to you wherever you are.

PS:  Yes! this is a corn zipper ! and the winner is Anthea :)

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