For some of us – we are busy buying gifts for our loved ones and preparing a menu for Christmas dinner – but for others like my daughter’s godmother in Singapore – who is a dog-lover – she must also be preparing treats for her two cutest doggie in Singapore.  And guess what we found at Pet Valu here in town – dog treats !!!!  they looked so delicious !  that we too want to eat them.


Don’t they look just like treats that you and I give to our kids?  well – for those who have dogs at home – look no future – you can get this for your pets for Christmas – or just because.


But as you can see – these treats are not cheap – but who cares right ?  after all our dogs are just like our kids.


Mannn!! these look delicious!  I asked the manager and he said they can be kept for a long time – so you can even buy them and store them till you want to treat your dogs.


Love the packaging – so if you know of a dog owner – and you want to send a gift to them – why not consider these dog treats – I bet they would be thrilled with your kind gesture.


The treats are packed with goodness and are all labeled with the ingredients.


This is too pretty right?  even the cookies we eat ain’t that pretty.


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