I have to admit that since coming to Canada – I haven’t been too concern about the dress code when I go out for dinner or lunch.  Quite the difference as compared when I was working in Singapore – that’s for sure.  Well, in such a small town – and also because of PB’s nonchalant attitude towards look – I too – dress down for the sake of matching up with him.   But that doesn’t mean that it is right – especially when casual smart is asked when you go into a restaurant or fast food like Jungle Jims or Boston Pizza & Pizza Hut.

But when we were invited for wine tasting a few months ago in Halifax by a well known food enthusiast – I made sure that PB dress up appropriately – not jacket and long sleeves but casual smart as expected.   He had some titanium accessories that he never used – and we decided he would use it this trip – to make him look more appropriate.  As for myself – I put on my nice suede jacket and my new fall boots and jeans for the wine tasting and for the wine tasting – i put on make up as well – not just lipsticks!

I don’t know how others dress for dinner or an event – but I think dress codes are given because you have to respect the restaurant the the people you are having dinner or drinks with.   Some people might not look dressing up – but some accessories can definitely make one’s look more formal than you think.  I love titanium accessories for man and I’m glad PB had some – so that whenever we need to attend something special – all I need for him to do – is put on his jeans – a simple long sleeve shirt – no ties – but definitely his titanium cufflink – now that’s the perfect casual smart for man.

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  1. Margaret

    I love dressing up and I think it’s sad that dress codes are getting more and more casual, to the point of being sloppy!

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