English Egg Tarts

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So I saw this tarts at the Farmer’s market by an English couple and asked if they could make some for me.  A few weeks later – they had some made and I went to pick them up.  The tarts were good – but I had expected them to be the egg tarts from home – but these as you can see are cinnamon on top of the tarts.   Not really what I had expected – but it still tasted really good – except for the cinnamon that I didn’t really care for a lot.  A wee bit is fine – but too much just take the egg custard taste away.  I didn’t finish them all – and in fact gave some away  – I may just have to learn how to make egg tarts (dan tart) on my own.

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  1. Comment by simie — November 30, 2011 @ 3:26 am

    Egg tarts are so yummy especially those that are fresh out of the oven. On a recent trip to Hong Kong I had the most brilliant egg-tarts I had ever tasted. I don’t really fancy the ang-moh egg tarts with the cinnamon topping. Here’s a link to a good Cantonese egg tarts recipe if you are interested to make some yourself. : http://en.christinesrecipes.com/2009/03/cantonese-egg-tarts-recipe.html#ixzz1CDfEr7B5

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