I’m very happy to see Marco’s Pasta  & Grill move to town – because I’ve always liked Marco since it’s previous owners but they were all the way out in Tusket.  Sure, it really isn’t that far – but when you are hungry – you just want to go where it is the nearest – and the trouble with us is – we only eat when we are hungry.


So having Marco’s in town is definitely a plus for people like me who loved food and different kind of food everyday if possible.


Marco’s is all decked up for Christmas as you can see here.


We didn’t have to wait long for our seats – there were like 6 – 8 tables filled when we arrived – and only 2 waitresses that Sunday.  So it is considered busy by my standard.


The restaurant’s decor is pretty – and as you can see here – can seat quite a number of tables and people.


We were given a seat near the entrance – one side is bench like seats and the other side with regular wooden seats.


We didn’t have to wait long for our menu to come – but the waitress didn’t give us a children’s menu – we had to ask for it.  But that’s alright – she is busy and I can see that there were a number of regular guests during lunch that Sunday.


We started with an appetizer of bruschetta  – although I know I’m going to be the one eating most of it.  PB had one – I think because it had cheese on it – haha!


The waitress freshly grated the cheese in front of us – and that was a very nice touch.  Unfortunately, chloe doesn’t like the smell of the cheese and as for the bruschetta – it was delicious but a wee bit soggy for my liking.


Chloe had the fish and chips from the children’s menu – and there were a lot of fish – she couldn’t finish all of it of course.


PB had a bowl of seafood soup because he had a late breakfast – he said the fish was really fresh and tender.


And I had the lasagna with meat sauce but had I known that there was going to be more garlic bread – I wouldn’t have ordered bruschetta and would have ordered some mushroom or even a plate of oysters if they had any. But the lasagna was good and some tabasco sauce would have been great to have without me asking again.

Overall, the food was very delicious, but the seat wasn’t the most comfy – and the service was good but definitely needed some more attention to the small details.  But having said that – they are just newly relocated – so I have to give them some time to warm up to the new customers I guess, so I will definitely go back and dine at Marco’s Pasta and Grill  – and will recommend others to give Marco’s a try for sure.


  1. simie

    Looked like a lovely meal all in! I love the bruschetta! I could just have that as a main cos’ they’re my favourite!

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