I don’t usually buy Sausage roll pastry even though i loved them – especially during cocktails or party – but I never really baked them at home – but since they were on sale at $6.99 at Sobeys – I decided to try a box of it.


The puff pastry looks like that before cooking – but don’t be deceived by its tiny looking pastry – because once baked at 20 – 25 mins – it is quite filling.


Depending on how hot your oven is – it varies from oven to oven – it can turned out really beautiful.  And 40 pieces will take a long time to finish – especially after eating like 5 pieces can really fill you up.  It taste awesome – but the sausage inside – don’t look so awesome – but who looks at the sausage right ?  unless you eat like I do – and eat the pastry first – hahah!  Anyhow – it’s worth buying and eating – and great for Christmas parties and housewarming – very easy to bake for sure.

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  1. simie

    The sausage rolls looked very yummy. My children love sausage rolls even now when they’re all grown up. Good finger food anytime, don’t you agree?

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