So finally after being here for about 12 yrs – I get to go to Austrian Inn – I had wanted to go for a long time – but people keep telling me that they served loads of fried food only but they were wrong!  they have all kind of food!  See ! you must not listen to people – you’ve gotta give them a chance and try it out yourself.


We didn’t have the buffet this time – because we were pretty late for lunch a few Sundays ago.  But the buffet spread was pretty awesome and I’m going to go with my girlfriends again – but this time we are going to try the buffet.


They had loads of food and I would really loved to try a bit of everything but since PB don’t eat that much – it’s best to go for lunch with my friends instead – those who really enjoys food.


I wished they had a place card on the dishes though.  Some I could make out but others I don’t know what they were.


Fried shrimp and rappie pie and lots of other dishes.


Rappie pie is a favorite for the Acadian french here in Canada.


Fried chicken nuggets I think on one side.


And here comes 2 table full of desserts – heaven for some people but I can’t eat so much – darn right!


Fruit tarts and eclairs.


Log cake, dates pie, mixed fruits and more fresh fruits.


Pumpkin pie, jello, vanilla and chocolate mousse – yummy to the max.


Look at the jello on the fruits – the honey dew and cantaloupes.


More assorted cakes – I will get a sugar coma you know that right?  I look forward to going back to try the buffet.  Buffet I heard was about $25 – 28 + tax, a wee bit ex.  but worth every penny.  Now if only they had some oysters fresh – that would definitely make me go back every week.

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