As a food blogger, we are constantly looking out for good food – and good food at a good price, so when a customer who moved into town from Germany asked me where can I get the best piece of steak – I show them the way to Emin’s Meat Market down on South end.  No one makes meat like Emin’s and you’ve gotta love the friendly and personalized service at the Emin’s.  So we headed to Emin’s but not before we went to check out some beauty stuff that we had read about – eyelash growth product reviews said that we could look out for them at our local pharmacy as well. So after we had done that – we headed to the best meat market in town.


Alas, Fred wasn’t there – but his staff working were just as friendly and knowledgeable – and we bought not only pieces of steak but Slovakia pork, sausages and stuffed pork as well.  My new found customer was really impressed with what Emin’s had to provide and she told me – the steak she bought – melted in her mouth and the apple cinnamon and the maple sausages that she had for breakfast the next morning  – were the best she had ever had.


Asked me anything about food – I’m the expert in it – but we did make out pretty well with the beauty department too – after all – which woman don’t know a bit about beauty products right?  I had a fruitful day !  food and beauty products – I’m a happy girl alright!


  1. MeiPY

    Loving the meat! I would love to try out the maple sausages! 🙂
    By the way… Loving the new top banner on this website!

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