We’ve been invited to several Christmas parties this year and Chloe and PB baked some sugar cookies to bring to our hosts – we thought it would be a nice gesture since most of our friends have everything and insist that we don’t bring anything except ourselves.  We had to turn down some parties because we were afraid that the weather may not permit us to travel to and fro for the parties – plus in previous years we’ve seen many accidents on the highway – even when the snow wasn’t so bad – it’s the ice on the road that causes these accidents.   Of course,  medical help would be there when the need arises but why court trouble when you don’t have to right – so we only attend parties right in town and the time has to be right too – because of Chloe’s food – she is a fussy eater.

PB always insist that he is a careful driver – and I always remind him that it’s not him I’m worried about on the road – it’s those that are drinking during their parties or those who’ve ate too much – and falling asleep on the road.  You can never be too careful – so this Christmas season – for those who drink – don’t drive and if the weather is bad – don’t go out – because you may be a cautious driver – but the person riding down the highway – may not be – or the road conditions just may not be the best.  Be safe this Christmas and always have an emergency kit with you in the car and a number to call for Medical Emergency Assistance.

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