Thanks to Jenn from Toronto – I’m having some food from home – a huge box came in for me and Chloe last week.  Jenn – who blogs like I do – had been sending me lots of food and gifts  – and even though she is pregnant, she is still taking care of us.  Thank you so much Jenn and Chapman!


I bet you want to know what is in the huge box that arrived right?  well, here is a glimpse of what is inside.


From jewelry to angpow and of course lots of food that I liked from home.


Wedding favors from her wedding earlier this year – so thoughtful right?


How cute right?  Chloe had one too – that she carries with her to school everyday.


Pork floss to go with my pineapple rice.


Cute ang pows for Chinese New Year in January 2012


Lychee jello that chloe loved.


Yummy Taro Mochi!!  I loved it so much!


Red bean mochi  – yummy to the max.


Pickled mustard aka hum choi for my soup.


A lovely Christmas card – really thoughtful.


And laksa!!  what i was waiting for !  i want to cook this for Chloe’s teachers.


Yummy spicy cuttlefish !! it was so yummy!! i finished it in 2 days. Thank you so much Jenn – i truly appreciate all your effort and thoughtfulness.  God bless you and Chapman!  both of you got a heart of gold! and thank you for donating to Chloe’s lobster fund!


  1. simie

    Lucky MB! So many goodies from a dear friend! That laksa paste is the best I’ve tried so far compared to all the other brands. I only use this brand now whenever I want to make curry laksa. You’ll love it!

  2. Daisy Allen

    My daughter loves the Lychee Jellos too!
    I am looking for that brand of Malaysian Traditional Curry Laksa. Where did your friend get it from? Please advise.

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